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Real Estate
Water Law

Practice Areas

Traditional Environmental Regulatory Law
  • Compliance with South Carolina and Federal environmental laws, rules, and regulations, including air, wastewater, nonpoint source, solid and hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, wetlands, endangered species, and Superfund

  • Air, wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, and wetlands permitting

  • Environmental enforcement matters

  • Regulatory compliance audits

  • Remediation, environmental consulting, and engineering contracts

  • Administrative law court contested cases

  • Representation of clients in environmental civil and criminal enforcement actions

Nonpoint Source - Stormwater
  • Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permitting, implementation, and enforcement

  • Administrative appeals of stormwater permits

  • Stormwater permitting and compliance for commercial developments

  • Development of, comments on, and challenges to total maximum daily loads (TMDLs)

Real Estate Development
  • Identifying, evaluating and quantifying environmental risks associated with the acquisition, sale, or financing of real estate transfers

  • Obtaining real estate Voluntary Cleanup/Brownfield agreements

  • Administrative law courts and civil litigation

Water Law
  • Water withdrawal permitting

  • Administrative challenges

  • Water quantity litigation

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